This website documents my progress in building a Farrier F-85SR trimaran. 


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The F-85SR is a development from the F-82, with changed hull shapes, a bit more sail area and a more efficient dagger board and rudder. A smaller cabin is standard. I made a longer cabin like on the F-82. My F-85SR has sailnr. 2

Farrier Marine stopped all plan sales. Now and then unused boatplans come up for sale. This is generally published on the Farrier/Corsair Trimaran forum or on Sailing Anarchy. Till some time ago it was possible to re-register the plans, but after Deadalus bought the company the status of the drawings is uncertain. Support of builders disappeared with the death of Ian Farrier, but there is a lot of knowledge on the Farrier/Corsair Trimaran forum. However, Farrier Marine does not supply parts anymore according to some forum members.

Length: 8.50 m
Beam: 6.00 m, 2.50 m when folded
Mast length: 12.30 m
draft: 0.30 - 1.85 m
Sail area 42 mē
Weight +/- 1100 kg

New to the F-85SR is the use of the curved lifting foils. These were originally designed for the F-32SR, but are also usable on other designs. The major advantage is that they work as a hydrofoil for the lee hull. They are not supposed to make the boat fly fully ( foiling ) but to reduce the amount that the lee float depresses into the water.

f-85sr curved foilfarrier folding source:

As the floats can be folded, the boat doesn't need a lot of room and a normal 10 meter berth can be used. Also it can legally be transported on a trailer behind a normal car. This is a video which shows how the floats are folded.

Interior design is free and cabin length can be varied, as long as the main bulkheads are kept in tact. There are plenty possibilities. The final choice was not due until the later building stages. I finalized the design before I started building the main hull so that the parts could be build in when access is still easy. Basicaly I limited the settee length to the short cabin design while placing the cabin bulkhead roughly in the F-82 position, creating extra room.

f-85 interior view

The first F-85SR was launched on the 22nd of april 2013, with sail# 10, in the Philippines. Katrat was produced by by Multihulls direct and has the standard smaller cabin. Later it was sold on to the USA and renamed Mail Order Bride. In 2015 it took second place in the race to Alaska. There is a video and below are some pictures that I found on the internet.

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